Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Covers

Vintage ans distinctive covers from No Trams To Lime Street (thanks so much for his permission!)

about the creator: (by himself)

52 year old white Metro-Detroiter.*************************************These photographers never fail to astonish me with their talent & freshness & their ability to capture images that escape the notice of everyone else on the planet.Most notably BlueDragonflyGirl who has the best eye of any photographer I've seen on Flickr & is still getting better : www.flickr.com/photos/bluedragonfly/Finchymouse is not only a friend of BDG but also a favorite model/subject of BDG & an outstanding photographer in her own right. www.flickr.com/photos/89303599@N00/Zzzzt!Zzzzt! is a professional but I don't hold that against him :-) there is a caring soulful quality in every frame he shoots: www.flickr.com/photos/blainepen/*********************************I took my moniker NO TRAMS TO LIME STREET from the title of a teleplay by screenwriter Alun Owen, best known for his work on the Beatles film 'A HARD DAY'S NIGHT the subtle alliteration stuck in my head and it's the kind of mnemonic device that lends itself well for use as an easily remembered unique internet persona. A HARD DAY'S NIGHT is still one of my favorite films. Richard Lester's striking black & white images were indelibly stuck in my mind on first viewing 40 odd years ago and never left. *******************************************UPDATE 08/2008Took the plunge & upgraded to PRO after joining the group STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE on a lark & as a result being invited to other groups & getting caught up in adding more photos than free FLICKr account allowed.
I'm Male and Taken.

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  1. Have you read them all? I'm happy just look at those covers. Really tell something.


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