Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paul McCartney

From the creator 'Beatlesgirl7':

"My favorite Musician, he is so talented and i feel that he is also a great person! I hope to meet him someday! "

more about Beatlesgirl7....

I am a vegetarian, have long brown hair and light blue eyes, and I am very active, love soccer, bike riding, and long walks. I love music and reading. I love the 60s too. I ADORE the Beatles. I live in Vancouver, Washington with my parents two dogs and my crazy little brother. I was born in Phoenix,Arizona. (For more great beatles photos check out my other account Beatlesgirl77)
I'm Female and Single.
Vancouver, WA, United States

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  1. Not only Paul is your favorite musician. He's my fav too! Hope you post Paul's images in flickr again. So long since the last one.


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