Friday, April 3, 2009



"I always have loved photography. I volunteer to take family pics n stuff all the time. I never bought a camera, however, since I figured I'm too lazy too develop it and too expensive to experiment.

Years later... wahla! came the digital camera age. I started with my Canon Digital Rebel (before the xt) and fell inlove with it (it only took me a year to decide!) . I always bring it wherever I go even if I'm not planning to shoot. It's a little gadget that I can carry with me to satisfy my cravings for electronics/gadgets and creativity.

Later on I had to sell my rebel since my cousin was so inspired and he wanted to buy it off me so bad. So there.. my next camera became the d70. I personally think the nikons are noisier than canons--however, since I like to "push buttons" I started to love the ergonomics the overall quality of the nikons. I recently got a d200 for my "graduation gift" lol.

I want to make friends here, and learn from the experts. So if i have pics that you have some comments or suggestions... PLEASE!!! say something! :) Compliments are good but constructive criticisms are better.

I'm Male.

Kendall PArk, USA "

Thanks, hydropeek for your permission to use this set in PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION.

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  1. There's no doubt that the highlight of this set is Susan.Beautiful one.


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