Wednesday, April 1, 2009


from the creator: Kris Kros

This Artist is for Hire

1) As Photographer
I am available to do photography like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, graduations, commercials, movie stills, models, journalistic, etc. Ideally, I prefer that it to be within the LA area and suburbs where I live. But, if you really wanted me to do photography outside of my place, there will be extra fees for transportation, accommodation and food.

If you know anyone who needs a professional photographer, I will really appreciate if you can recommend me. You will be compensated for finding me a client.

Within USA only.

2) As Retoucher
If you want the KK Touch in your pictures, you can hire me to work on your pictures with a small fee. The finished artwork will be yours and it will not be known to anyone except you and me. Since it's your photo, you can sell it, flickr it, be proud of it on your wall. You don't have to give me credit unless you insist. Payment will be through PayPal or check. Instruction on the payment will be made through email.

For anyone in the world.

How to contact
So, in the event you need me, just email me. For retouching job, send original photos to this email too.


Enjoy more of Kris Kros talents here.

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